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What To Do When You’re Diagnosed With Urinary Incontinence as a Man

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When you have been diagnosed with urinary incontinence as a man, this can be a stressful situation. This medical condition can make you completely have to change your lifestyle, can affect your relationships, and can even affect your work. Fortunately, there are treatment options, lifestyle changes as well as other things that you can do to improve your life while dealing with male urinary incontinence.

Making Lifestyle Changes

There are several things that you can do in your life to make changes to help alleviate some of the symptoms that are part of urinary incontinence.

• Fluid management. Take a look at how you eat and drink during the day. Consider timing these around your activities to help control the urge to go to the bathroom. Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid, and try to drink smaller amounts during the day.
• Pelvic floor strengthening exercises. When you first hear of Kegel exercises, you may think that they are just for women. However, Kegel exercises can also help strengthen and tighten the muscles in the urinary tract, as well as in the pelvis in man as well as a woman. Consider trying to do Kegel exercises every single day, several times a day.
• Scheduling. While one does not typically think of scheduling their trips to the bathroom, it may help someone dealing with urinary incontinence. Bladder training only requires that you delay the trip to the toilet when you feel the urge to use the bathroom.
• Stop smoking. Smoking can contribute to urinary incontinence so if you have been smoking consider quitting.
• Caffeine and alcohol. Cut back or completely out alcohol and caffeine. These can stimulate your bladder, requiring you to go to the bathroom more.
• Exercise. Consider adding an exercise routine to your daily routine. Regular exercise can help you to prevent constipation and lose weight. Both of these can create extra pressure on your bladder making you have to go more often.

Tips for Sexual Activity with Urinary Incontinence

Men who suffer from urinary incontinence may avoid sexual intercourse. You can still have sex with urinary incontinence as long as you follow these steps.

• Communication. Communicate with your partner about urinary incontinence. Talking with your partner can help alleviate any anxiety that you may have towards having sex with having urinary incontinence.
• Caffeine and alcohol. Avoid consuming any caffeine or alcohol several hours before you plan to have sex.
• Empty. Empty your bladder immediately before you have sex.
• No liquids. Avoid any and all liquids at least an hour before you plan to have sex.

You can live a normal life with urinary incontinence if you just take some of the steps to help alleviate the symptoms, and prevent any issues with your relationships and your work. Communication with your family members can help you to increase the normality of your lifestyle with urinary incontinence.

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