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Top 5 Laboratory Safety Rules You Should Always Remember

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A laboratory is one place where you must always follow the rules. Labs can be very dangerous at times and one mistake can end up causing a catastrophe. So, it’s important that you follow each and every safety rule. However, there are certain rules that must always be followed.

Read on to learn the top five laboratory safety rules you should always remember.

Walk, Don’t Run

The first rule that anyone who works in a lab should remember is to always walk. Do not run or power walk. Labs contain equipment and materials that can break easily if you accidentally knock into them and running increases that risk ten-fold. To minimize the risk of an accident, remember to take things slow and walk.

Handle the Chemicals Properly

Whenever you have to handle chemicals in the lab, you must be 100 percent on point with them. Make sure to wear a pair of gloves before touching the vials and flasks. If a spill ever occurs, let everyone in the vicinity know. When you have to throw away a chemical, put them in the waste containers.

Do not put the chemical back in its original container as it can end up causing a reaction. Lastly, if you have to smell a chemical, don’t smell it directly. Instead, wave the fumes over to you by using your hand.

Wear the Proper Clothes

You can’t wear your usual everyday outfit into a lab. You’ll need to wear the proper attire.

Here’s what you need to wear when working in a lab:

– Closed-toed shoes – Any shoes that expose your feet, like sandals and flip-flops, are banned in the lab area. You need to wear closed-toes shoes like sneakers, converses or boots.

– Goggles – Wearing safety goggles in a lab is an absolute must. The fumes from the chemicals can severely damage our eyes if you aren’t careful.

– Keep your hair back – For those of you who have long hair, make sure to tie it back in either a bun or ponytail. The chemicals can not only severely damage your hair, but you may accidentally dip it in it without realizing it.

Clean Up Broken Glass

No matter how hard you try, an accident will always occur at some point. Accidentally dropping and shattering a glass vial is actually a very common occurrence in laboratories. If you accidentally break a glass flask or vial, be sure to clean it up immediately. If the vial had a chemical in it, you’ll need the help of either your superior or your colleagues to clean the mess carefully.

Do Not Eat or Drink Anything

Finally, there must be no food or drinks within the lab. Having food in the lab is a serious health hazard as the table used for chemical experimentation may not have been properly cleaned. So, to make sure everyone is safe in the lab, this rule must always be followed.

Despite there being other rules, these five are among the most important. The lab is not a place of fun and games. Someone can become seriously injured or sick if they’re not careful.

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