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The Future of Private Jets

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In this article we look into the future of private jets. According to Business Jet Traveler they provide an interesting perspective on why people fly privately. The data they collected was based on several conditions. Why are they choosing to fly privately, what they’re seeking from their flights, what’s their destination, are they flying with others, and do they have a preferred aircraft?


The analysis was based on approximately 1,500 individuals which include C-level executives, high-net-worth individuals. It also includes families who choose to fly via private jets. Flying privately might be an indicator of a strong economy. Research shows approximately the same number of flights taken the previous year will be taken this year. Flying a private jet has always had a reputation that it belonged to the rich and famous. However, the number one reason people to choose to fly privately is to save time. This is followed by the ability to use airports that airlines don’t serve. The third reason was they have a more comfortable flight. Additional reasons include holding meetings in-flight, their privacy and security. Another question that was answered was based on type of aircraft. The number one answer was based on range, the distance the aircraft can fly. It was followed by economical operations, speed, cabin size, i.e. Another statistic that was taken into consideration was distance of travel. Approximately 77% of people said they fly under 1,500 miles, while 26% people make flights that are slightly under 500 miles. The biggest advantage to flying privately is the time savings. You can show up 10 minutes before take off and get out of the airport within 10 minutes after you have landed. As a result, you can cut your travel time by more than 30 minutes for flights under two hours.


In a different perspective by Elite Traveler, they focused the attention on the cabin. The future of private jets in their opinion will be based on what the plane has to offer to the customer. No longer are the days of large leather chairs, fancy tables, and gold trim sufficient for the client. The private jet industry must be innovative in order to satisfy their clients. It is expected that new wireless technologies and light components will be the keys to quickly redefine the private jet industry.


Finally, an interesting study was taken on a pilotless private aircraft. The question was asked if you would be interested in taking a pilotless aircraft? An overwhelmingly majority voted probably not or absolutely not.

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