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How-to Tell When Your Parking Lot Needs to Be Repaved

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Your parking lot often forms the first physical impression of your business or establishment, and its upkeep and state conveys a message about your business. When it is neat and free of refuse, they know that you and your staff pay attention to detail. It’s easy to know when the lot needs to be tidied. However, it is not so simple to evaluate damage and determine when your parking lot needs to be repaved.

Consider your parking lot’s age and general appearance as part of routine facility evaluations. If your parking lot has not been repaved in 15 years or so, it may be time for a visit from the asphalt company of your choosing. They will evaluate your parking lot for any damage or needed repairs. Their expert eyes may catch developing issues that have the potential to save you money, time, and frustration down the line. In addition, a fresh paving is an simple, streamlined undertaking that ensures you avoid a weathered, grass-spot filled, appearance right outside your door.

If you see bubbling, low spots, ripples, divots, or bowl shaped indentations, know that the integrity of your asphalt is at risk. Leaving these issues unattended can create further, more costly, issues down the line that will disrupt your ability to open your business. Surface issues such as these often mask subsurface issues that need to be examined by a professional. Underlying causes can range from soil problems underneath to the asphalt to drainage issues during rainstorms and during the winter.

Cracks and significant crumbling areas are of great concern, not only for your asphalt’s integrity and soundness, but also for the comfort and safety of your visitors. Crumbling, unsteady, areas of asphalt can lead to stumbles and falls just outside your door, often in an area where there are moving cars and a great deal of potential for serious injury.

Lastly, potholes are a large indicator of the need to have your parking lot repaved. They generally develop out of cracks that have expanded over time and are indicators of potential damage to the weakened surface. They can result from frequent use of your parking lot and also from the impact of snowy or wet weather during cold months of the year. Potholes are extremely dangerous to patrons and cars, and contribute greatly to poor curb appeal.

Evaluating your parking lot for repair will not only contribute to the safety of your lot, but will also ensure that your visitors have an enjoyable and safe experience the moment they arrive at your business. This will support increased customer satisfaction and have a positive impact on the impression and reputation you have worked hard to build.

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