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Property Management Best Practices 2019

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Without a doubt, it can be difficult to manage a rental property, even if you only have one tenant. If you happen to have a multi-unit property, the challenges are multiplied and require expertise to navigate inherent difficulties. There are best practices in property management that can mitigate problems and minimize stress. The ultimate goal is to find great tenants and handle property issues with efficiency. Let’s explore some of the best practices in property management.

Tenant Screening

Renting to bad tenants can create a lot of headaches that include property damage and complaints on a regular basis. Conducting background checks is a great way to minimize the issues that tend to arise when you rent to bad tenants. An increasing number of property owners have decide to conduct background checks and collect financial documents to ensure tenants are able to afford the rent. It’s the best way to ensure the highest return on your investment.

Regular Communication

One of the biggest challenges that property managers face is high turnover rates. The best case scenario is finding a great tenant who pays the rent when it’s due and remains in the property over a long period of time. Effective communication is a great way to establish and maintain positive tenant relationships to ensure things go smoothly.

Consistent communication provides an opportunity to resolve conflicts in a prompt and professional manner. A newsletter is a great way to build a sense of community, while enforcing the rules in a manner that’s respectful. It can also lead to a higher level of tenant satisfaction, which results in greater financial security as the turnover rate decreases.

Prompt Maintenance

An important aspect of property management is responding to maintenance issues quickly. Whether the problem is leaky pipes or an infestation of pests, it’s important to resolve the problem quickly before tenants become dissatisfied with the property. It’s also important to resolve the issue right away to prevent more serious damage that could have been avoided. It’s a good idea to secure professional on-call services for property maintenance to make sure someone is available to respond immediately when an emergency occurs.

Proactive Marketing

While you will obviously need to advertise when you have a vacancy, many successful property managers actively engage in advertising by developing positive business relationships on a regular basis throughout the community. Whether it’s through local retailers or during sporting activities, there are many opportunities to connect with others in the community so that you are considered when the need for a rental arises. Social media is a great resource for proactive marketing and expanding your reach.

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