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Picking the Perfect Retirement Gift

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Deciding what to get someone that is retiring can be hard to do. You wonder what they like, what are their hobbies? You could ask people that know them well or just go to the source and ask them what they are into. To make you gift giving a little easier, here are some great retirement gifts to consider.


If you know that the retiree is an avid golfer, you could get the golf clubs, golf balls or even a pass to a golf course so that they can play. Have you ever heard of a golfer not wanting things that will help their golf game? I think not. Golf accessories come in all different price ranges, so you should be able to find a gift that fits your budget.


A nice bottle of wine or liquor is a nice gift if the person is someone that drinks alcohol. A bottle chiller is also a nice gift for the person that enjoys spirits. The chiller will get their bottle cold in a matter of minutes. If you wanted to go a little less expensive, you could get them a corkscrew or engraved wine glass.


A subscription of magazines for their favorite hobby will give them months’ worth of enjoyment. They have subscriptions for everything from gardening to cooking and everything in between. You can choose one that would let them learn about something new that they might like. It is the gift that keeps on giving.


If they are into exercising, a Fitbit may be just the thing. They may enjoy a new pair of work-out gloves or a DVD with aerobics. You could even pay for a month at a gym so that they can try it out. It is important to stay fit after retirement.


Any type of food subscription would be a wonderful gift. Since you can get them for flowers, nuts, chocolate, fruit and even more, you should be able to choose something they will love. It is like celebrating their birthday once a month all year. Who would say no to that?


Another gift that is for men and women is a good book. A book is something they can enjoy and have time to their selves which can be a hard thing to get much of for some people.


Most people will be happy no matter what you get them. It is the thought that counts, but if you put some effort into it, you can get the perfect gift. You may just get them something they never considered before.

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