How to Improve Your Score on the SAT

Whether you’re a high school student about to make the next leap in their education or you’re a parent wanting the best for your child, one thing is clear: taking the SAT can be intimidating. There are a myriad of complex questions, a limited amount of time to tackle each section and your score can determine where you spend your upcoming years. Although this may seem like a daunting time in one’s life, here are the steps and tips you need to know to improve your SAT score and get into the college of your dreams.

Start With the End In Mind

Much in the same way a pilot would not engage in a flight before routing his or her optimal path, students are often thrown into SAT testing without understanding their destination. Prior to taking an SAT examination, we must set a standard score in which we aim to achieve on our test.

Let’s start by finding out which school the individual wants to earn their education at. You must begin this process by finding their school of choice within the list of preferred SAT score requirements. This is a comprehensive and updated list of scores that each individual school looks for when selecting students for upcoming semesters. Although these scores are not set in stone, they give the student the best chance at earning a spot among their student body in the future.

Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to SAT preparation, many students find themselves shocked once they realize that they can use practice tests to remove the uneasy nerves on test day. In fact, many online resources allow students to take a plethora of SAT practice tests that help them prepare for challenging questions in the future.

These tests are designed in a way that makes the student feel as thought they’re taking the actual examination. Here are a brief list of benefits that students will experience should they decide to use an online practice platform:

  • Timed tests that simulate actual testing environments.
  • Detailed breakdowns of problems that the student missed.
  • Comprehensive strategies on how to improve their score.
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Email and text updates pertaining to their practice tests.

Never Give Up

Regardless of how you may feel in the present moment, realize that there are numerous resources, tutors and materials that are designed to help you move forward. Your academic career is now in your hands. Use these tools on a daily basis to ensure that you receive the best SAT score possible and you will reap the academic and financial benefits for years to come!