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Packing Guide for Your Week Long Cruise

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It is the vacation you have been looking forward to, a cruise! Now what to pack? You are going to be gone for a week without a department store in sight, so planning ahead is essential for having the best experience on your upcoming cruise. The first thing to consider is are you packing for a solo trip, a romantic couple’s vacation, or a family trip with the kids?

Take the clothes that you feel most comfortable in and forget clothes to impress if going solo. It is okay to spend the week in a bathing suit, a sarong, and yoga pants. Doing some soul searching? Make sure to bring books to read, a journal for your thoughts, and a sketch book.

A couple’s vacation means it is time to break out the fun lingerie and silk robes. Often cruises will have an upscale dinner with a dress code and this is the perfect time to wear that rarely worn tuxedo, or elegant evening gown. Whether in the bedroom or on the dance floor pack the items that make you and your partner both feel special. Maybe even pack a gift for your partner to share at just the right moment.

When packing for a family vacation it’s easy to forget what you need as you make sure the kids have their swimsuits, sunscreen and favorite pool toys. Don’t forget the items that make you comfortable, and can let you relax while the kids are having fun, whether it be a tablet with everyone’s favorite movies, earplugs, or items for yoga class.

Weather is another important factor. Are you going on an Alaskan adventure, or headed to Mexico for fun in the sun? Will you be spending time off the boat on side adventures? This is where you will need to take extra care in packing. Long underwear, windbreakers, raincoats, and sturdy shoes are necessary if you disembark to take a hike to see grizzly bears and walk on glaciers. This is also where a well-fitted backpack, binoculars, and a quality camera are items you will want to have.
Those basics will also be key for a hike into the jungle to see ancient Mayan pyramids or up mountains to Barbados rum distilleries. Here you will want to consider, heat, humidity, and biting insects. Shade hats, bugs spray, and loose linen clothing are a must.

Your individualized travel plans will determine your specific needs. If you think through exactly how to make yourself comfortable both on the boat and off the boat you will have a great experience. Of course, the most important thing to pack is a good attitude for maximum enjoyment and fun!

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