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How to Start A Trampoline Park

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Trampolining became an Olympic sport in the 2000 Summer Olympics. The sport has grown since then along with the trampoline park industry. There were around 40 indoor trampoline parks in 2011. Today there are over 500 parks in the United States alone. These figures indicate that trampoline park businesses are one of the most rapidly growing segments of the out-of-house entertainment industry. Here is a brief guide for people who are interested in opening their own trampoline park.

Is this right for you?

This business may be right for you if you love people, having fun and adventure. Your trampoline park will provide high-flying fun for your customers. You will also need to have some adequate funds for startup capital and good enough credit to deal with lending institutions or investors. An alternative is someone who could come in with you as a partner if they have the necessary cash.

As an owner of a trampoline park, you will not need any specific training for the sport in order to qualify as a park owner. It is necessary to have good communication skills in order to explain the safety procedures and deal with any customer issues that occur. It could also be beneficial to receive training as a service technician for the equipment in your park.

Cost of opening a park

The cost of opening a trampoline park can be high, reaching into seven figures. These parks are relatively large facilities that must often be built to custom specs. In order to lower startup costs, compare estimates from different contractors. This can help lower the bid price and give you more ideas for park designs and layouts.

A typical day at the park

Your activities at your trampoline park will consist of welcoming guests, teaching them about safety and procedures and helping answer customer’s questions and requests. A trampoline park could also serve food, beverages and prepare for parties. Cleaning the facilities is also a daily job that could be done by designated employees.

The manager will be responsible for interacting with guests, scheduling, managing employees and inspecting equipment regularly for damage. Repairs are likely to be needed at some point, and marketing the business will be a must to keep traffic high.

Who goes there?

The typical customer to a trampoline park is a family with active children that can afford out-of-home recreational activities. Trampoline parks are great for many kids who tend to have excess energy and need to burn it off. It can also help adults relieve some pent-up stress and burn a few calories.

Making money

Guests pay an entrance fee to enter the park based on the amount of time they decide to use the trampolines. The business can also rent out equipment such as jumping socks and sell refreshments.

If you have enough financing and a dream, a trampoline park could be a fun adventure for a business owner. Take the right steps to learn about the business and marketing aspects. Your trampoline park could be a favorite entertainment venue to enhance the lives of families in your town.

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