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How to Properly Prepare Your Valuables and Delicates for Moving

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Protect all of your valuables before a moving routine by using practical packing solutions that provide stability and cushioning. These packing materials are easy to obtain, and they can shield a variety of household items.

Bubble Wrap

Use bubble wrap to reduce shock while items are lifted and dropped while they’re in a box. There are different types of bubble wrap sheets for specific tasks. The main options include large bubble wrap and small bubble wrap. Sheets with big bubbles can provide cushioning around hefty items, and small bubbles are great for delicate accessories. If you need more stability for items that can shift around easily, use a few bubble wrap bags.

Foam Peanuts

Avoid breaking your glass products using a bundle of foam peanuts. This packing material is somewhat better than bubble wrap because it creates a dense layer of cushioning that supports fragile items. Big peanuts can prevent cracking and chipping on glassware.

To use foam peanuts properly, scatter a few pieces on the bottom of a box. The layer should be a few inches high, and it must have enough volume to provide 360 degree cushioning. Next, put a delicate item on this spongy layer, and pour more peanuts into the box.

Heavy-Duty Tape

Fragile items could spill out of boxes if their openings aren’t sealed with strong tape. After you stick heavy-duty tape on your boxes, all items will stay secured until the moving van reaches the new destination.

The process of wrapping a box with tape is easy. However, you’ll have to use a certain technique in order to give a box a strong seal. First, stick the tape on the edge of a box next to the middle seam where the flaps opens. Then, run the tape over the seam to connect both flaps together. You may need to layer several pieces on one another to create a very strong seal for hefty items.

Box Stacking Tactics

Stacking is the final preparation step, and this is done on the truck. To prevent shifting and sliding, put the heaviest boxes on the bottom of a stack. Next, place lighter boxes on the heaver boxes. Then, stack more supplies on the lighter layer. This sandwich technique keeps the lightweight boxes stable in the middle of the stack.

Strategic preparation helps movers save a lot time. If you want to prepare for a move in an organized manner, make a checklist that includes everything that’s going into boxes.

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