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How To Keep Your Asphalt Looking Like New

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Many homeowners are installing asphalt paving to give their driveway an excellent touch and look. Besides, asphalt paving is durable, and it offers a clean surface for your cars. Asphalt paving also blends well with the exterior finishes, such as concrete, siding, and brick. You can keep your asphalt paving looking as good as new if only you maintain it in excellent condition. These tips will save you money and time so that you do not have to worry about repairs.


Seal all cracks


You should deal with cracks immediately they develop on your driveway. The cracks spread when you fail to seal them. The small cracks can develop into potholes when you don’t address them, and the former is expensive and time-consuming to seal. It is best to seal cracks during the fall season to prevent the chances of the cracks reopening.


Watch out for trees


What most people do not know is that some trees have aggressive roots. Such trees should not be planted near your asphalt; otherwise, they cause cracks when the roots find their way under the asphalt driveway. Instead, consider planting trees with shallow roots such as crape myrtle, dogwoods, birch, and purple plums. Additionally, watch out for trees that drop a lot of litter on the asphalt if you want it to look as good as new.


Ensure quality installation


One of the best ways to make sure that your asphalt looks as good as new is hiring experienced asphalt paving contractors for the installation process. It ensures that the paving is installed correctly by excavating the area properly and placing an adequate base for drainage purposes. You will get substandard work if the asphalt driveway work is not carried out professionally, which means that the paving will eventually fall apart. The right equipment, quality materials, and experienced contractors are necessary ingredients to keep your asphalt in excellent condition throughout its lifespan.


Address drainage issues


Cracks will eventually form on your asphalt driveway if water fails to drain away from the paving quickly. Water will also seep into the existing cracks, which erodes the cracks further than before. It can be an issue; more so, during the winter months. The water in the cracks freezes during eth winter months and melts when the temperatures rise again, which results in potholes.


Remove weeds immediately


You should get rid of weeds as soon as you see them growing through or into your asphalt. Weeds cause severe damage to your asphalt paving. It is easier to remove two or three weeds as opposed to a bunch of them.


Inspect your driveway often


You need to visually inspect your asphalt paving regularly as you take note of any signs of damage. A monthly inspection is recommended to maintain asphalt in excellent condition. Notably, make sure you hire an expert to fix oil stains, potholes or cracks.


Asphalt paving is easy to maintain. Also, the driveway easily breaks down if not well-maintained. Therefore, follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your asphalt and keep its beauty.

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