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How to Decorate for a Holiday Party on a Budget

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A holiday party is an exciting opportunity to celebrate a bustling year of personal achievements and lifestyle changes. Setting a budget and maintaining your finances, when it’s more popular to indulge on presents and decorations, can be difficult. Even though it might seem like it, remaining frugal won’t land you on the naughty list. With a dash of brainstorming and prioritizing your decorating options, your party can be sugar, spice, and everything nice.


Be Selective About Decorations


Quality is more important than quantity when you’re on a budget. A select stock of candles and artwork enhances coffee tables and counters, while garlands and paper trimmings amplify walls and staircases. Instead of incorporating every type of decoration, use distinct festive accents that stand out on their own.


Try Bargain-Hunting


Before summer is over, stores are already stocking their shelves with holiday collectibles. K-Mart, Dollar Store, Target, and Wal-Mart offer a variety of wreaths, lights, and decorative ribbons at discounted prices. Second-hand stores are also a great resource for finding one-of-a-kind pieces. With the right timing and keeping your eyes peeled, bargains are often hiding in plain sight.


Create Your Decorations


Do-It-Yourself projects add a unique alternative from generic decorations and instill pride in building your party’s theme from scratch. Social media platforms like Pinterest are overflowing with affordable projects that are simple to assemble. If you’re not a crafty party host but love the homemade aesthetic, Joanne Fabrics and Michaels also offer pre-made decorations at reasonable prices.


Enhance the Party’s Ambiance


A holiday party host should always aim to be entertaining no matter what kind of space, time, and money is available. Decorations aren’t just for the eyes, but the other senses as well. There are more ways to create a joyful ambiance than traditional decorations:


  • Listen to a seasonal playlist. Simply open an app like iTunes and Spotify, and select one of the playlists already available. Let music inspire your guests to get into the holiday spirit.
  • Play games. Activities like scavenger hunts, charades, and bingo are easy to make or buy from a low-budget store. They can keep the party rolling and guests entertained.
  • Switch up your food selection. An imaginative menu of snacks and drinks can be a conversation starter and take your party to the next level.

The holidays are meant to remind everyone of what truly matters. Even though you’re setting a financial limit, you can be smart with your savings and still enjoy the holidays. As long as your guests are having fun, you can create an amusing and festive party that everyone cherishes.

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