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How To Create a Well Designed Logo

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A perfectly created logo communicates a brand’s identity effectively. It engages a brand’s target audience, yet the design is simple. Designing a logo sounds easy, yet major brands frequently miss the mark and end up being roasted by graphic designers.

Logotype vs Symbol Logos

Some brands, like Coca-Cola, choose a logotype where the brand name is their logo, while others only use a symbol, like the Nike Swoosh. A startup or a company with a limited budget will have a hard time building brand awareness using only a symbol.


Color convey emotions; red conveys passion and excitement while blue implies security and serenity. Logos only need one main color and one accent color; Pepsi, a major brand uses only two colors in their logo. Since consistency is the key to building brand awareness, companies should choose two colors which will look good across all touch points, from a website to a branded merchandise.


Fonts are tricky. A brand can communicate elegance, quality or fun with its font choice. Luxury fashion brands often use a sans-serif font since consumers associate high-contrast fonts with quality. A custom font used to be best, but there are so many high quality fonts available now that a custom font isn’t necessary.

The K.I.S.S. Principle

Keep It Simple, Stupid is the best advice for a logo designer. Consumers recognize a simple logo easily, like the Nike Swoosh. Simple logos are also timeless; brands which want longevity need evergreen logos.

Skip Stereotypical Images

Skip stereotypical images. A dentist does not need a logo with a tooth image. Apple gets by with showing an apple with a bite out of it, not a computer. This way, when a brand branches out, their logo is still appropriate.

File Formats

Logos have to be vector images with a transparent background so you can use the logo in any size. Use Adobe Illustrator for this, not Photoshop. Photoshop uses pixels to render logos; they look blocky when blown up. Adobe uses mathematical points to render images so they look the same even with large format printing. Brands can also change hues with vector images to celebrate holidays or for special campaigns.

Your logo is the first impression potential customers have of your business. At a glance, they can tell if your brand is a good fit for them. Don’t skimp on logo design; a bad logo can haunt your brand.

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