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How to Begin Collecting Challenge Coins

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Ever heard about Challenge Coins? Not to be confused with actual coin collecting, collecting Challenge Coins is a great hobby that is on the rise. These coins are used by first responders, different branches of the military and more! These coins represent respected organizations and people who have displayed hard work and dedication to their job field.

Many people believe you have to serve in the military or become a first responder to have access to Challenge Coins.If you are looking to start a new collection, of the Medals of America then you may want to start looking online first. There are numerous websites to help jump start your collection. Customized individual Challenge Coins are also an option if you would like to have your own personalized emblem to collect as a keepsake without serving the country. Another way to get access to Challenge Coins is by asking family members or military veterans who no longer care for its value.These coins go down in meaningful value for a lot of individuals who have had their Challenge coins in their possession for years. People may even forget about their years old Challenge Coins collecting dust somewhere in a box or on a shelf, so this may be an easy way to obtain free coins through friends and family. They always say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and this is the perfect hobby to treat as such! Other ways to gain access to these coins to start your collection are websites like ebay or amazon. These two websites have almost everything think of for low-cost and comparable prices, so your new hobby can cost less while your collection grows at a faster rate. If you would like to collect even more Challenge Coins you may want to look for other organizations such as, high school/college clubs, customized individual coins, or any other organization who gives these specific coins away for hard work to show some appreciation. You could even go as far as traveling to local thrift shops and flea markets close to your area to see if they have some.

Starting a new Challenge Coin collection may seem challenging, but there are many options to jump start your new hobby. Start collecting smarter and not harder. Watch your collection grow quickly and for a relatively low cost if you use these simple yet helpful tips for your coins!

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