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How Community Parks Can Bring More Business to Your Area

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Today, community parks frequently serve as business building resources, particularly in densely populated urban settings. These sites supply a wonderful location for residents to obtain healthy exercise, recreation, and relaxation. The presence of nearby open green spaces interspersing developed areas helps make cities appealing locales from some business ventures. Just consider some ways community parks draw commercial enterprises into specific neighborhoods:

Parks Provide Recreational Opportunities

Businesses often decide to situate their premises in close proximity to community parks. The availability of nearby open areas allows employees to obtain outdoor recreation conveniently during the week. Many people work more effectively when they can take frequent breaks outside, amidstĀ revitalizing and refreshing natural surroundings. Some parks offer scenic walkways, jogging area, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and other exercise facilities. These locations may also supply picnic tables, giving office workers the option of dining outdoors.

Community Parks Spur Redevelopment Projects

The presence of a network of community parks assists cities undergoing redevelopment. This process indirectly benefits the business sector. Frequently, home seekers prefer to obtain housing within easy walking distance of one or more parks. Encouraging the renewal of urban residential neighborhoods ensures (1) companies moving into the locale discover an available local labor force, and (2) the neighborhood includes a built-in marketplace for businesses catering to residential customers. Grocery stores, restaurants, and a variety of other businesses may all discover advantages in establishing commercial outlets nearby.

Community Parks Provide Venues For Special Events

In many cases, parks contribute to local businesses by serving as venues for popular community events. For example, in some locations, these green sites generate revenue from music festivals, fairs, marathons, or historical re-enactments. Local businesses sometimes choose to participate in these types of special activities directly. Companies may sponsor events, or sell goods and services to sponsors and participants. For example, music festivals often attract food vendors. Additionally, as annual community events expand in size, they activities may beginĀ attracting new visitors to the city, contributing to revenues earned by local hospitality industry companies.

Community Parks Promote Local Sporting Events

Another way community parks help generate business revenues involves sports. Sometimes these locations provide a site for local team athletic competitions sponsored by firms in the community. Companies sometimes field teams to play soccer, baseball, and other games. Participating in these tournaments may enhance name recognition and goodwill.

For all these reasons, community parks in many places significantly assist local commercial ventures. Parks often stimulate the development of the surrounding business community. Urban renewal project planners in particular obtain many benefits by treating the establishment of a network of community parks as one aspect of redevelopment.

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