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How-to Find the Perfect Type of Hair Extensions for Your Hair

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Hair extensions are increasing in popularity for their ability to lengthen your locks and add extra volume. Hair extensions can be clipped in when you’re going out for the night or braided into the roots of your hair to make them last for several months. If you want to find the perfect type of hair extensions, there are a few tips to follow.

Choose Human Hair

According to, human hair looks authentic and will blend in well with your own hair. Human hair is known to last longer and won’t suffer from as much damage when you straighten or curl the strands. Synthetic hair can be difficult to style because you can’t use heat or swim in them, which may limit how much use you get out of the hair.

Make it Match Your Hair Color

It’s crucial that the hair extensions match your hair color to make it blend in well. Avoid purchasing the hair online, which can make it difficult to determine the color shade while viewing the photos. Visiting a store in person will allow you to hold the extensions up to your own hair to determine the best shade.

You can also purchase a similar color shade and have all of the hair dyed with your own hair once the extensions are put in.

Consider the Amount of Hair

Invest in more hair extensions to ensure that the hair can be evenly distributed and looks natural. It will also allow you to have extra hair on hand if any of them fall out later on. You don’t want to install all of the hair only to realize that certain spots are not as full.

Choose Tape-In Extensions

There are many different ways that extensions can be put in the hair to keep them secure. The hair can be braided into the roots of your hair or glued in, which can last several months. Tape-in extensions are considered to be the best option because they don’t lead to hair loss and are easy to remove without pulling at the roots of the hair, according to Tape-in extensions also use as little of hair as possible.

Choose the Best Quality

Choosing the best quality of hair can allow it to last longer and look less damaged when they’re used each day. Look for name brand extensions that aren’t priced too low. You can have a product that doesn’t fall out and will stay intact until it’s time to remove them.

By finding the perfect type of hair extension, you can enjoy transforming your appearance and having a beautiful head of hair. With the right product, it will look natural and blend in well with your own mane.

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