6 Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System

Your septic system works hard to manage all the water that comes from your home by way of the faucets and toilets. It isn’t hard to maintain this system and keep it on track. Here are 6 easy tips for keeping your septic system working properly.

Efficient Use of Water

Every bit of water you use in your home ends up in your septic tank. The less water you use, the slower it will fill up. Appliances like washing machines, garbage disposals, and hot tubs use a lot of water. Low-flow toilets and shower heads limit water consumption. You should also check and fix any water leaks as well.

Pump Every 3 to 5 Years

To maintain your system properly you should have it inspected and pumped every 3 to 5 years, depending on your family size. The average person uses around 70 gallons of water per day and this adds up over time. Call your septic service company to pump the system when it is close to being full or the 3-year mark, whichever comes first.

Flush Only Paper and Waste Products

Toilet paper and waste is the only thing that should be flushed into the septic system. Feminine hygiene products, diapers, and baby wipes can clog your pipes. Never pour grease or chemicals down drains or toilets. Dispose of grease by pouring into coffee cans and throwing in trash bins.

Keep the Lid to Your Tank Accessible

You should make sure to keep the area around the tank cover free from weeds, grass, and lawn debris. It makes it easier to service the system if the lid is accessible than if it has to be dug up.

Know the Location of Your Tank and Drain field

You should know the exact location of your tank and drain field should you need service. It is helpful to have a diagram drawn out to let the service company know where the tank is so they do not park over it or the drain field when working. Just the top of the lid should be visible to mark the location.

Don’t Use Additives

You should never put any chemical additives in your septic tank. There are many products on the market that claim to help your system stay healthy. You should not use any additives unless instructed by the septic service company.

Maintaining a healthy septic system is only one aspect of home ownership. It is vitally important that you take care of it as backups and emergency service is costly and overflows can be quite messy.