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Best Uses for a Portable Storage Container for Office Moves

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You have a business to run, so why spend your time trying to find the best storage unit to store all of your furniture and extra stuff when you’re about to move your office to another location. You already have enough to worry about. After all, you have to explain to customers that you’re moving, change utility bills, help employees find the new location and a whole bunch of other stuff. So a much better solution to your problem might be to rent a portable storage unit to help you manage your move more efficiently.

You can have a portable storage container delivered to your office or home within 24-hours. Best of all, you can place the container wherever you want, as closs or as far to your office as you need. This can help you move things out of your old office more quickly.

Portable containers are becoming a popular item for businesses and even for homeowners. They offer temporary storage options at a stone’s throw from your door. his is good news because it makes finding a portable storage provider easy. Providers of the service are usually located within most communities and cities around the nation.the following are five reasons why a portable storage solution May be appropriate rental option in the few months prior to your move.

Portable storage units are available for rent and you can request one for a couple of weeks, a month, two months or as long as you need. There are no long term commitments. You just call and get one delivered for the specific amount of time you want. Once delivered, you can easily store boxes, excess office furniture, tools and anything that is not critical to the running of your office.

Portable storage containers are very secure. These are large steel boxes that withstand the outdoor elements well. Everything you put into one of these containers remains dry, safe and secure. All you have to do is lock it whenever you leave. This can be the perfect solution for storing tools, equipment and things that aren’t absolutely necessary in your office environment when you decide to move to another location.
3. Pack at Your Own Pace
You know you’re going to move, but you also know that you need to run your business. You can’t just drop everything to pack and ship your office equipment. By using a portable storage space you can pack at your own speed. If you can only spend an hour or two a day packing and storing your equipment, these storage containers offer a perfect solution. The allow you to pack at your own pace, and this reduces the stress of the move for you.

4. Offers On-Site Storage
A portable storage unit offers you a viable storage solution for all of your extra property, tools and equipment. You can house everything inside and access it at any moment you need. This allows you to declutter your office while at the same time keep everything you need close to home.

5. Use It and Move It
Once you finish storing all of your pertinent items, you can have the portable storage unit moved to your new location. The truck simply picks it up and takes it to the new office. This saves you from having to hire an additional moving company to pack and ship your belongings.

Portable storage units offer flexibility, are easy to manage and fit with your business schedule. This option is a solution that has benefits that far excel the traditional way of moving. If you think a portable storage unit might be the perfect solution for your next office move, give us a call today.

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