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9 Questions to Ask When Choosing Pallet Rack Shelving Units

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It helps to ask the right questions when you want to install pallet-rack shelving. Your specific needs should guide you, and having a warehouse to place inventory in is an ideal start. Productivity matched with ease of use are the basics to consider.

Being precise about your needs helps you to customize your space while making the cost worth it. Listed are nine questions to consider as you go.

– Why do you need a rack system to begin with? 
Consider why this investment is important to your business. There are alternatives to use, and how you use a pallet-rack shelf depends on you knowing your necessities.

– Will any hazards, laws or regulations stop you from working?
Before investing into any shelving, learn your local laws. You may find that inventory only needs a 6-inch spacing from the ground, and wooden pallets could suffice.

– How portable or adjustable do you want your shelving?
Spaces can often change, so it helps to work with a layout that you can expand on or retract. Bringing in new products or expanding your space will change your needs.

– Have you considered a structure for heavy weights? 
Your inventory dictates the capacities you need and the materials to work with.

– Why type of products does your business use for inventory? 
Consider the difference between perishable and nonperishable goods. Nonperishable items may sell once a year and can be stored off to the side.

– What type of decking will you use? 
You have the choice between ”first in, first out” and “last in, first out” shelving. A first in, first out (FIFO) system organizes your work by putting products where they flow out easy. A last in, first out (LIFO) system requires you to consider that your newest inventory may sell the fastest.

– Are machines needed for the heights you use? 
Machines, like forklifts and skid steers, need a workspace when lifting or storing pallets. You can also rely on jacks that use manpower to get any item as you need to.

– Will your space currently fit the racks you have in mind? 
First, get your warehouse measured, and then you can maximize on the use of any space.

– Have you considered how much your project will cost? 
Calculate your costs based on materials, your space, and how often you’ll adjust or add to your structure.

Plan ahead as you answer these questions, and keep your measurements exact. The closer you are to the right dimensions, the more you can make out of every inch. Storage is important, so consider how you’ll place and remove inventory from your racks. Make the work simple, and keep your objectives in mind as you go.


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