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9 Moving Hacks Every Homeowner Should Have

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When it’s time to move from one home to another, you want the process to shift along as smoothly as possible. Planning ahead helps with this endeavor. You can also keep a few moving hacks in mind that will make sorting, packing, and moving faster than you might think.

1. Cancel Services 
Contact all of your utility companies as soon as you know when you’re moving. This will give you time to set up a disconnect date or a transfer date for services to be installed at your new home. You’ll also need to make plans to take back any equipment that you have from a cable or phone company.

2. Home Meals 
Instead of eating out while you’re packing and moving, cook as much of the food that is in the refrigerator and cabinets as possible. You won’t have as much to pack, and you won’t have to throw anything away. If there are things that you know you won’t take, consider donating them to someone who needs them.

3. Full Drawers 
Taking everything out of your drawers and putting it in boxes seems like a smart decision. However, you can save space and boxes by keeping everything in the drawers. You can leave the drawers in the dressers or remove the drawers and wrap them with plastic to protect the contents.

4. Hangers 
Just like you did with the drawers, leave your clothes on the hangers. You can then put them in large bags for transport or in a wardrobe box to keep them from getting damaged. Another option would be to lay them across the back seat of your car until you get to your new house.

5. Rainbow Boxes
Choose a color for each room of your home. Get stickers and markers that are the same colors. Label the boxes with these colors so that it’s easier to sort your belongings and get everything to the right rooms when you unpack.

6. Pictures 
Sometimes, it can be hard to connect electronics back the way that they were before everything was disconnected. Take a picture of the cords before you disconnect everything. You’ll have a guide to use instead of looking for all of the pamphlets that go with your electronics when you connect everything again.

7. Food Fun
Keep snacks and drinks in a cooler for the day you’re moving. The cooler should be kept in your vehicle so that your kids can get something when they need it or so that you can get something for a quick burst of energy. Water bottles are good to have on hand.

8. Survival Box 
Pack a box with essentials for the first day in your new home. Include medications, paper plates, and a change of clothes for everyone. You’ll be able to rest the first day instead of unpacking as much.

9. Important Rooms 
Unpack the important rooms first. In most homes, these would be the kitchen and the bathroom. Once you get these details out of the way, you’ll have the functional rooms you need while unpacking the rest of your home.

Moving doesn’t always have to seem like a challenge. It can be fun and exciting with a few simple hacks. Plan ahead for maximum results and so that you can enjoy your new house.

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