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8 Decorating Tips for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party

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Your child’s sweet 16 birthday party should be a special time. This is an age when your child experiences new freedoms and adventures. Instead of a plain and simple party, turn it into one that is energetic and a true celebration using a few decorating tips.

1. Theme
An easy way to decorate for a sweet 16 party is to pick a theme that your child likes. It could be a favorite sport, hobby, movie, or book. Get decorations that relate to the theme, and prepare food that goes along with the theme as well. This tip is beneficial if you’re unsure as to what color of decorations to use or the small details that you want to include for the party.

2. Sweet Surfaces 
One way to keep the eating area from games or dancing is to set up tables for food in a separate area of the room. Make sure the plates and other items for the tables follow the theme that you’re using. A fun decorating tip is to place party favors on the tables that guests can take home.

3. Gifts 
Part of a sweet 16 party is all of the gifts. Set up a table where people can leave their gifts as soon as they come through the door. A money tree is a good idea as well, especially if your child plans to go to college or is trying to buy a car. Another option for gifts would be to ask everyone to bring a donation for a special organization that your child likes.

4. Exterior Decorations 
When guests arrive at the party venue, they should know who they are celebrating and what to expect. You could create an arch using balloons at the entry door or display a large sign at the end of the driveway. If you’re trying to keep the party fun, consider having a small area where guests can check in an get a wristband for the event, similar to a concert.

5. Lighting
From strobe lights to elegant lights that cast a soft glow over the room, the lighting for the party is something that you need to think about. Since most sweet 16 parties are fun and upbeat for the teenager, consider bright lights or even a black light. You could give guests jewelry that glows if you don’t want to have a lot of overhead lights in the room.

6. Centerpieces 
Try to make the centerpieces on each table unique. They should flow with the theme of the party but should also feature a few different details about the guest of honor. Pictures of your child can be used as centerpieces or even a notebook that guests can write birthday wishes in for your child to read later.

7. Walls 
Don’t forget about decorating the walls for the party. Position a few cardboard cutouts along the walls that guests can use to take pictures with. You could also go with a traditional design and have birthday banners and signs.

8. Party Favors
When guests leave, make sure they take something home from the party. Give favors that blend with the party theme, such as candy or glow bracelets. You could also send home masks or something that was worn at the party.

Teens only turn 16 once. Make this time in your child’s life fun with a spectacular celebration. Keep the details in line by planning ahead using a theme or by using details that are easy to follow.

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