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7 Resources Every Outdoor Photographer Should Have

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Outdoor photography is an exciting form of shooting that comes with its own challenges and obstacles. Unlike indoor or portrait photography, this method requires photographers to brave the weather conditions. Here are seven essential resources for all outdoor photographers.

1. Weather Applications 

Unlike indoor photography, people shooting outside have to brave the elements. While some photographers need to know the weather for avoidance purposes, others prefer shooting in lively weather scenarios such as storms. Weather applications are great resources for outdoor photographers who need to know the conditions in specific locations on a minute-by-minute basis.

2. Satellite Communication. 

Outdoor photography often leads people into the wild in order to find unique locations and spaces that humans don’t frequent. This remoteness can place some photographers in precarious situations. Satellite communication is a great way for outdoor photographers to stay in contact with civilization when in locations that cell phone reception is non-existent.

3. Solar Charging 

When shooting outdoor, it isn’t uncommon for photographers to be on a project for days or weeks at a time. During this time, there may not be consistent access to outlets or other conventional charging methods. In order to ensure that camera batteries survive the entire trip, it is helpful to invest in solar panels that can offer a charge.

4. Backup Memory

It is difficult to determine how many photos will be taken when shooting outdoor photography. It is recommendable to err on the safe side and bring a lot of backup memory cards or hard drives. This ensures that photographers don’t run out of memory and miss out on some amazing captures.

5. Wireless Syncing 

There is nothing worse than taking some amazing outdoor photos and then realizing that the files have become corrupted. From losing a memory card to dropping a camera, there are several ways that photos can be lost. Having a wireless syncing ability between a camera and phone is a great way to ensure these files stay safe.

6. GPS Monitoring 

GPS monitoring is another important recourse for outdoor photographers. Map applications on a majority of mobile phones will not be able to function properly in some remote locations. GPS monitoring will help photographers to maintain their route and will also ensure that they don’t become lost.

7. Photoshop/Lightroom App 

Photoshop and Lightroom are the premier photo editing softwares on the market. Countless photographers around the world rely on these softwares to make their photos unique. Having the Photoshop and Lightroom applications on a mobile device can make it easy for outdoor photographers to make some quick edits when a computer is not easily accessible.

Every photographer should have these seven resources to improve their images and the efficiency of their workflow. Outdoor photography is a unique format of shooting images. These resources will help photographers overcome any obstacles.

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