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7 Key Benefits of A Prepaid Phone Bill

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With modern technology becoming more integrated into almost every facet of our everyday lives, it has become increasingly difficult to imagine life without it. Specifically, our cellular phones. While cell phones have become more popular than ever, there is an unfortunate downside. While our desire for the fastest, smartest and newest cell phone is rapidly increasing, so are the prices. Due to the rising cost of cell phone contracts many people have started considering prepaid cell phone services instead.

Keep reading below for some of the key reasons as to why you should consider a prepaid phone bill.

Top 7 Benefits of a Prepaid Phone Bill

#7 No Contracts
Prepaid phone bills offer users a great amount of flexibility due to the fact that there is no commitment. Thus, having a cell phone plan that allows you to “pay as you go” is ideal for those who don’t have the means to pay a mandatory cell phone bill every month.

#6 No Surprise Fees
Fees, seem to go hand in hand with most cell carrier contracts. In addition to your monthly charges, there always seems to be an additional fee tacked on to the bill that you didn’t expect. This can be very annoying and a huge inconvenience to those who may be on a fixed income.

#5 No Credit Check
With prepaid phones, you’re purchasing your service ahead of time, so there’s no need for the cell phone company to be concerned about whether or not you can pay your bill. Thus, there’s no need for them to check your creditworthiness.

#4 Reliable Service
Contrary to popular belief, prepaid phones have access to some of the same networks and cell phone towers as other contract carriers. Thus, why pay more for the same service?

#3 Cost
Some carriers can charge upwards of $100 or more for contracts. While most prepaid options offer plans for as low as $50.

#2 Trendy Phones
Many of the same phones that were once only offered to users with contracts, are now being offered to prepaid cell users as well.

#1 Unlimited Data

In the past prepaid cell phones only offered just basic talk and text. However, now many prepaid options offer the same access to unlimited data as well as talk and text for a fraction of the price.

Prepaid cell phones seem like a no brainer. When you put aside the stigma or bias, prepaid phones offer much if the same experience that you’d get from a phone with a contract. Essentially, the real question should be why pay more when you really don’t have to?

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