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6 Ideas for Maximizing Your Nonprofit Donor Growth

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In business, it is easier to sell our products and services to existing clients than new ones. It is also known for increasing your income faster. As a nonprofit, you always want your money to increase both in revenue and expenditure. For you to increase your income, you must strive to increase your donor retention through laying a strong focus on the return donors.

According to an annual survey conducted by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, non-profits retained most of their return donors by 43 percent by the end of 2013. In this case, they gave more than they gave the previous year by 45 percent.

Where do you fall? Let’s look at the following tips to help you succeed in this action. The list also offers items that offer a cheaper and quicker way to gain money in this industry.

1. Send thank you cards
Everyone loves receiving personalized emails and cards. However, it is rare these days to get those cards. For this reason, they play an important role in motivating your donors to come back. This means that cards will often be standout in the line of the donors over the bills and solicitations. You are more likely to open anything in your mail that looks like a birthday card before opening any other cards. For this reason, the donors will always feel appreciated.

2. Make a phone all three months later
According to the Charity and Blackbaud Navigator, a thank you call to an investor or donor within the past six months will always make him want to come back for more. You will lift more than 56 percent of our current donors through retention. This is a responsibility that can be shared just like sending gift cards to the donors.

3. Tap into the marketing automation software
We all know that you are more likely to increase your donation if you are maximizing your donor touch in a manner that reaches them effectively. You will evaluate a user engagement using the marketing automation software using the demographics data. In short, this automation marketing software gives you the capability to adopt a communication strategy using the available dataset up for campaigns. You can iterate and improve your donor communications using the data generated from the marketing automation software. You can also choose to run a testing engagement for home visual services.

4. Optimize your donation page
In the recent past, we have seen the increased use of the online donation. If our website is mobile friendly, it will gain more views. This leads to an attraction to the donors. Ensure you optimize your donation form and make it user-friendly for them to use online.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal to retain our donors. Start with these easy tips as you grow to bigger ones for greater success.

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