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6 Fundraising Incentives for Kids

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Fundraisers are an essential part of the school year. The funds raised go to many valuable resources that benefit the students, teachers, and the school. The trick to having a successful fundraiser lies in having fundraising incentives that motivate the children to seek donation goals. Incentives should be fun, low-cost, and unique to have the maximum impact on children without blowing the budget.

Let Kids Vote– Everyone wants to have their opinion heard. Have the fundraising team come up with a small list of possible incentives and have a school-wide vote with the winning majority selecting the incentive. Voting empowers the children, creates more buzz, and creates an opportunity to teach about the voting process.

Prize Wheel– Place the prize wheel in a central area where the students will see it frequently. The prizes on the wheel can be low-cost items that can be bought in bulk like candy, bracelets, hats, freebie coupons from local businesses. Everyone will want the chance to spin the wheel and that will provide motivation to fundraise.

Slime the Principal– Kids get excited about the thought of seeing an administrator get messy because they are always well-dressed. Create a reachable goal. Once it is reached hold a pep rally, so the entire school can watch the slime action.

Wrist Pass to School Event– School events held throughout the year often have inflatables, game stations, and other ticketed items. Offer a free wristband for these items as a major incentive not only to raise funds but also to promote attendance at school events.

Create Positive Competition– Boys versus girls, grade versus grade, or class versus class are all great options to promote healthy competition and comradery within groups. The prize can be a class party, costume day, a day off homework, or school recognition.

Goal-Themed– Get the kids involved in what they are raising money for. Examples are more recess time for playground equipment fundraiser, more library time for a refurbishment, and more free time on the computers for a technology-related goal. Parents like to know where the money is going within the school.

Create excitement with children to promote the school fundraisers. Enticing incentives motivate children to want to fundraise to reach the goal and resulting prize. These incentives do not have to be costly. They can be experiential, based on recognition, or small tangible prizes. Make this fundraiser a success with thoughtful incentives.

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