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6 Common Types of Decorations Seen at Summer Weddings

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Most weddings are held in the summer for those who want to enjoy the beautiful weather when they celebrate their union. The decor that is used will determine the style of the event with the various pieces that are on display. When you want to plan a gorgeous wedding, there are a few common types of decorations at summer weddings.

1. Dangling Decor

According to, dangling decor is one of the latest trends that looks whimsical and romantic in the setting. Consider hanging flowers from tree branches during the ceremony or suspending flowers from ceiling beams inside of your venue where the reception is held. It will get your guests to look up and can distract them from the venue’s outdated carpet or floors. Lanterns can also hang in different areas of the room and will have a romantic effect.

2. Metallic Features

From gold to bronze, many different metallic features can be used to create a regal setting that looks high-end. Consider adding gold tablecloths on each table or ordering a silver cake, which will complement the main color scheme that is used. Copper and rose gold shine can also be used strategically throughout the space to draw attention to specific areas of the room, according to

3. Hanging Floral Centerpieces

Hanging floral centerpieces are increasing in popularity and will allow you to make a statement during your reception. The centerpieces allow flowers to cascade near your guests’ heads and will create a beautiful setting that looks professionally designed. Using plenty of greenery can also create a lush environment that brings a touch of the outdoors inside.

4. Tech Effects

More people are incorporating tech effects into their wedding to embrace a modern wedding that can look futuristic. 3D printed cake toppers and custom Snapchat geofilters will have a high level of impact and will impress your guests.

5. Trees

Using different types of trees are considered to be popular for those who want to use natural types of decor. Everything from citrus to olive trees are ideal, which can often be rented or purchased. You can also use them in pots to line the aisle for the ceremony or on either side of the alter when you exchange your vows.

6. Pale Flowers

Pale flowers are natural and romantic, which will complement leafy green details that are used. Consider decorating with pale pink or white flowers.

When you want to have a stunning wedding that makes a statement, there are several types of decor to consider using. Choose from different trends that are popular and will allow your event to appear modern and chic.

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