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5 Tips for Making Sure Your Crawlspace is Properly Insulated

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If you own a house that includes a crawlspace, keeping it properly insulated is essential. It can help you to save money on your heating and cooling bills and is more energy efficient as well. You can avoid having air leakage throughout your home that can make your family feel less comfortable than they should be during the winter and summer. There are five key tips to ensure that your crawlspace is properly insulated.

Seal the Door

Whether your crawlspace is located underneath your house or in the attic, you can start your job by focusing on the door leading to it. The access door should be fully insulated, which means you want to seal up all the cracks in and around the doorway. Make sure it is airtight so that air cannot escape and cause your home itself to feel colder or hotter depending on the season. You will also want to cover the inside of the crawlspace door with insulation board.

Seal All Ducts

Most crawlspaces underneath homes have air ducts connecting them to the house itself, which means it’s important to ensure there are no defects. If there is a hole in a duct, it can adversely affect the energy efficiency of your home and crawlspace alike. Any air leaks or ducts that have holes or tears must be sealed using mastic tape. Alternatively, you can cover up the ducts with special insulation wrap made of foil-like material.

Plug Holes and Remove Insulation from Floor Joists

Spray foam is the sturdiest kind of insulation, and it doesn’t allow for moisture to get underneath. As a result, you should not have to worry about the growth of mold if you have it properly installed. If it has been installed in a sloppy manner, however, it can cause a big problem if mold grows and spreads. In that situation, you should remove the foam from the floor joists. If necessary, plug the holes left behind with more foam insulation.

Fully Insulate the Walls

The walls of your crawlspace should also be thoroughly insulated. You should avoid using spray foam insulation for this task and instead use foam insulation boards. They will cover the entirety of the walls and can help to retain the temperature inside the crawlspace and prevent it from becoming too cold or too hot. It can help to keep the temperature in your house level depending on heating or cooling.

Set Up a Dehumidifier

Control the air within your crawlspace with a dehumidifier. You can purchase a unit to control the air within the space to keep humidity out of the air and prevent mold and mildew from growing.

These are crucial tips for properly insulating your crawlspace. When you follow them, you will notice a drop in your energy bills.

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