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5 Tips for Enjoying Winter Fishing in Washington State

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To enjoy a fishing trip in Washington State during the winter, you’ll need cozy gear. If you let the cold air affect your fishing routine, you may not catch a lot of fish. Use these tips for winter weather in Washington State, and enjoy every moment around schools of fish.

Wear a Base Layer

Wear a thick layered top, and stay warm when cold water splashes onto your boat. There are many companies that make layered clothing, and you can find great options at a sporting goods store.

While wearing this clothing, its fabric will create a barrier that will trap your body’s heat. You’ll feel toasty warm because no heat will escape. A base layer’s warming properties are influenced by its thickness.

Put on Insulated Socks

As you stand in a boat holding a fishing pole, your feet won’t move a lot, so they will get cold. Put on a pair of insulated socks, and wrap a blanket of warm air around your feet.

Combine two types of socks, and stay warm, cozy, and dry. First, put on a pair of thin insulated socks; they will block moisture. Then, insulate your feet by covering the thin socks with thicker socks.

Incorporate a Mid Layer

A mid layer is basically a sweatshirt. It serves one purpose during a winter fishing adventure, which is to block arctic air. Although cotton is a cozy material, polyester is a better fabric because it’s warm and water-resistant.

If you need extra protection on a windy day, wear a sweatshirt with a hood. An adjustable hood will keep air and water off of your head and ears while you hunt for fish.

Use a Bib

Whenever a fish fights and struggles as you reel it in, water will splash onto your boat. To stay dry during intense battles, you’ll need a bib. When compared to pants, a bib provides better protection as it covers the core. The process of finding a great bib that will fit isn’t challenging as bibs are available in a variety of sizes. No matter what size you pick, it will extend high above your core and shield your chest.

Insulate Your Feet With Cozy Boots

Insulated boots are available in different styles. However, to protect your feet, you must always consider each boot’s insulation properties. The thickest insulation captures the most heat, so you should buy any pair of boots with insulation that’s over 1,000 grams.

Use these preparation tips, and experience total comfort during a winter fishing trip. If you’re going to take an adventure after the sun sets, wear with thick coat.

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