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5 Roof Maintenance Tips to Know for this Summer

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It costs thousands of dollars to replace a roof. If your roof is in good condition, you need to take steps to keep it that way. Doing basic maintenance will help extend its life plus keep your home looking good. Here are five roof maintenance tips you can use this summer.

#1 Remove debris 

Wind can blow leaves and other debris onto the surface of the roof. It can get trapped in the roof valleys or tangled with the shingle tabs. It’s important to remove this debris as it can trap water against the roof. Sitting water will find the smallest cracks and start infiltrating your roof deck and the space below.

#2 Trim the trees 

Falling branches can cause serious damage to your roof. Plus, overhanging branches will scatter their leaves all over the roof deck year round. Remove unhealthy trees to avoid them collapsing on or near the house.

Get a licensed arborist to come out and remove the tree branches that are too close to the roof. An arborist knows how to trim branches without causing damage to the roof or the tree.

#3 Clean the gutters 

The gutters surrounding your roof gather the rainwater, then take it down and away from your home’s foundation. If the gutters get filled with debris, this can cause water to backup under the roof shingles causing water damage. It can also cause water overflow straight down against your foundation, eroding the soil and potentially flooding your basement.

Clean the gutters at least twice a year to keep the water flowing away from the roof and house. Many people clean the gutters after leaf fall and then again in the spring.

#4 Inspect the roof 

Do not hop up on the roof for this job. Inspect the roof from ground level using a pair of binoculars. You can focus on different parts of the roof quickly and gain perspective not available if you are too close.

Look for broken, deformed, or missing shingles. Check the flashing and trim to make sure it’s in good condition. Keep an eye out for insect or rodent damage. Check for granules in the gutters or broken shingles on the ground. Check inside the attic for signs of water infiltration.

#5 Get minor problems fixed 

If you see any problems with your roof, call a professional roofer. The roofer can replace shingles, repair flashing, and do other repair work quickly, safely, and efficiently. Handling minor problems early will avoid having them become major issues later.

Taking some time to perform roof maintenance will pay off by extending the life of your roof. It will also avoid damage caused by leaks to the building beneath the roof.

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