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5 Reasons You Should Purchase a Stand On Lawnmower VS a Walk Behind Mower

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Mow your lawn strategically on a standing lawn mower. Although a walk-behind mower cuts grass well, a standing unit is better, and there are five reasons why you could consider buying one for your yard.

Better Back Support

Hop on a standing mower, and feel total comfort as it cuts through grass. While standing on the base, shock will only impact your legs and feet, which is beneficial because this keeps pressure off your lower back. If you cut grass with a stand-behind mower, you’ll experience shock along your spine during every stride, and the impact will increase whenever you step on trimmed grass since it provides less cushioning.

Enhanced Agility

A standing mower is very agile and nimble, and it travels around a property faster than a traditional mower. Take advantage of this agility, and cut grass on different types of terrain efficiently without slowing down. The process of maneuvering a standing mower isn’t a hassle as its hardware responses to weight distribution. This means that the mower will safely roll over objects according to how you shift your weight. You’ll maintain control at all times because the center of gravity is always under your feet.

A Higher Level of Safety

When you’re on a standing mower, the blades are out of your way. Regular mowers are propelled by momentum, which means that a minor mistake could possibly lead to an injury. For example, if you push a walk-behind mower over sticks and pebbles, debris could shoot out underneath the base, and these projectiles could hit your legs or feet.

Great Maneuverability

Trim grass around flower bed, near siding, and by the road precisely on a standing mower. When compared to a walk-behind mower, a standing unit makes quicker turns, which is vital as rapid transitions and spins decrease the time that it takes a completely trim an entire yard in a residential or commercial area.

More Horsepower

Shred thick grass instantly using a powerful standing mower. This mower has more power than a standard mower because its engine processes multiple cylinders. If you pick a standing mower with a wide cutting blade, it will have better reach. Typically, a mower that has a wide deck is commonly used to trim tall grass on a multi-acre property.

Cut your lawn effectively, fast, and safely using a standing mower. Upon stepping on the base, you’ll have no problems guiding the blades over thick grass.

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