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5 Frugal Ways to Help Your Home Sell Faster

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Selling your home is a major undertaking that can seem overwhelming at times. With so much competition in the marketplace, selling a property in record time appears unlikely. However, there are a few ways to improve your home without investing too much money in the property. Consider these frugal ways to update the space and excite your visitors.

1. Paint the Front Door

Painting the entire home may be too much for the household budget, but picking a small project as an alternative is a viable solution. The front door will be the first, up-close view of your home. If the door is fading and peeling, the visitors attribute this decline to the rest of the home. Paint the front door with a bold color so that it greets visitors with warm arms.

2. Box up the Clutter

U.S. News suggests that clutter needs to be cleaned up for a fast sale. Remove stacks of magazines, papers and even furniture from a space. The floor plan should be open with a good flow to the adjacent rooms. Too much clutter makes the home look small and cramped. You may have a small home, but it can look large with a few cleanup jobs before that open house.

3. Match the Appliances

Your kitchen may have appliances in a rainbow of colors, from white to black. It’s too expensive to replace these items, but you can give them a facelift. Bank Rate offers an industry secret about dishwashers, for example. Many front panels are reversible with white and black on opposite sides. Take a look at your appliances for any secrets such as these.

4. Add Potted Plants

Landscaping the entire backyard may not be an option, but you can beautify the exterior with potted plants. Look for flowering plants with complementary colors to the home. Add them around the patio and among sitting areas. As long as the landscaping is trimmed and mowed, no major improvements are necessary other than arranging the potted plants with flair.

5. Employ Staging Materials

Many real-estate agents have staging materials that they use during open houses. Ask about throw pillows, rugs and other accents that can be simply borrowed. An old, tan couch can look inviting with a red throw or plaid pillow laid carefully to the side. The items make the home look livable, which causes a fast sale in many cases.

Removing personal items, such as a large picture of your wedding, from the rooms is crucial too. Remember that you’re selling a dream within the home. Visitors should be able to picture themselves in the property without any reminders about the previous owners. A fast sale will be on the horizon with these concepts in mind.

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