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5 Benefits of Faith-Based Recovery

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Sometimes when a person is trying to fill a void in life, they fall prey to addiction. Regardless of what triggered the issue, faith-based recovery is beneficial. For starters, it can fill a void by focusing on the tenets of one’s faith. There are several reasons why faith has been an effective resource for helping people live an addiction-free life. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Provides Motivation

Generally speaking, faith-based recovery is known to motivate individuals in recovery. This often happens as they come to a better understanding of God during the treatment process. This understanding can provide hope and instill a belief that good things are ahead. In a situation where there was no hope, they can come to understand that they are not alone.

2. Leads to Fulfillment

When a person feels like they have the help of God, they are more likely to continue on the journey to healing and wholeness. This type of faith can fill a void that a person has felt for years. It can also offer a community of people who support them and share their faith.

3. Supports Psychological Health

It’s understood that addiction is both a psychological and a physiological condition that can impact a person’s mind and body. Faith-based recovery offers a focus on the psychological component of recovery, which can be just as important as the physiological component. There have been multiple studies into the effects of faith on a person’s psychology and results constantly show that faith positively impacts psychological health.

4. Decreases the Chances of Relapse

Research has revealed that individuals with a commitment to their faith are less likely to have a substance abuse problem. The opposite is also true in that people who are non-religious are more likely to engage in the use of different substances. This does not mean that religious people do not experience substance abuse problems. It simply indicates that the incidents are lower in religious populations.

5. Results in Greater Peace

A key reason why faith-based recovery is beneficial is because it can help a person come to terms with their life. It can offer a greater level of peace by fostering acceptance and hope for the future. With this mindset, they will be less likely to seek out ways to self-medicate. Instead, there will be a greater focus on living a faith-filled life.

Faith causes a person to have a new perspective on life, which contributes to recovery. It can also change their behavior by shifting the focus to helping others. If there was a tendency to be selfish in the past, faith-based recovery can cause a person to focus less on their needs and more on being of service to others.

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