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5 Beautiful Prom Dress Styles To Try This Spring

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Spring is arriving soon, which means next prom is just around the corner. If you haven’t found the perfect dress, don’t panic. This guide narrows down 5 amazing prom dress choices of 2019 for you! Whether you prefer a floor-length skirt or a petite frock, you’re bound to fall in love with one of these exquisite gowns.

Sweetheart Dresses

Sweetheart dresses can be short and sweet or long and formal, but they all share a signature heart-shaped neckline. The cut for a sweetheart dress flatters any body type since it is narrow through the bodice and wider toward the bottom. The way sweetheart dresses are designed means you’ll have plenty of freedom to move on the dance floor. This dress is usually either sleeveless or paired with halter straps, but the off-shoulder variety is especially romantic.

Mermaid Dresses

Want to highlight your curves? Mermaid gowns contour your silhouette and flare out at the knee, just like a mermaid’s tail. These dresses are a favorite with celebrities: Ariana Grande donned a ravishing red mermaid dress to the 2016 Grammy’s, while Mariah Carey’s stunning black mermaid dress at the 2018 Golden Globes made everyone jealous. One of the trendiest looks for 2019 is a two-piece mermaid dress in wine red or soft pink.

Ball Gowns

Face it: you deserve to feel like a princess on your prom night. Why not make your grand entrance in a mesmerizing ball gown? These dresses come in all colors of the rainbow. Some ball gowns feature tiered skirts for an even more dramatic effect. Satin or tulle is the most common ball gown material, making the gown’s giant skirt feel weightless.

Cocktail Dresses

Not everyone wants a long, ceremonial dress to wear. Cocktail dresses are more casual, but just as gorgeous. Some cocktail dresses come in a sassy baby doll style, while others are more form-fitting. Open-backs are popular for their glamor and playfulness. The best thing about cocktail dresses is that they aren’t too formal to wear again on other occasions like holiday parties or dates.

Lace Dresses

No gown can rival the intricate beauty of a lace dress. Enticing and elegant, lace dresses have been trending on the red carpet for a while. Taylor Swift wore an adorable short lace dress to the 2016 Grammy’s nominations. Lace dresses are available in all kinds of floral and geometrical patterns, and they generally appear best in white or mauve.

Ultimately, the girl makes the dress. Choosing your prom outfit is a wonderful opportunity to express your personality, so  don’t compromise. At this spring’s upcoming prom, remember to stay safe, have fun, and show off your fantastic dress!

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