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3 Important Reasons to Seek Therapy for a Child

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No parent wants to see their child suffer, and mental troubles are no exception. Unlike physical ailments, though, the path to treating these issues may not always be clear-cut. Stereotypes persist for some; others may doubt the severity of mental and emotional problems. If you recognize there’s a problem with your or another child, but don’t know if you want to seek therapy, read on to learn three reasons why it’s important to consider.

Their struggles aren’t normal.

It’s no secret that everyone gets sad, scared, angry, and the like at some point. If your child goes through emotions like these to an abnormally high degree, and/or for longer than seems appropriate, their problems may be more than just a passing phase. Even feelings not usually considered problematic, like high levels of energy or heightened mood, can indicate a problem. Whether or not mental illness is involved, if your child’s behavior has a negative effect on different areas of their life, it could be time for professional intervention. Monitor their school performance, personal relationship quality, and leisurely activity for better insight.

You get answers.

As many as 20 percent of children and teenagers in the U.S. have lived with a mental illness, and their mental illness symptoms don’t always manifest the way adults’ do. It pays to seek help if only to know what your child is experiencing and how severe it is. Even if your child doesn’t have a clinical condition, a mental health specialist can still address problematic feelings and behavior to your child’s benefit.

You need the assistance.

Though you love your child, you simply may not be equipped to deal with the more serious problems they’re having. This is especially true of mental illness, because while having support is fundamental for treatment, professional address and guidance are a huge factor in whether a patient learns to live healthily with their problems. Your child isn’t likely to recognize their symptoms on their own, and the help of an adult who understands what they’re experiencing – as well as how to treat it – can do great things for their health.

Mental illness may or may not be ruled out if you seek therapy, but what matters is that your child is having problems—problems they can’t solve on their own. Your intervention could mean the difference between more distress and thorough recovery. It might be frightening or confusing to get a professional on board, but if you suspect there’s more to your child’s mental health than normal, it could dramatically benefit everyone involved.

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