5 Tips to Ensure Your Parking Lot is ADA Compliant

If you own a parking lot, it’s important to ensure that it is appropriately designed to accommodate everyone. Millions of Americans who drive or who are passengers in vehicles are physically disabled. As a result, it is mandatory to make sure your parking lot is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, also known simply as ADA. Here are five tips to ensure just that.

Have the Appropriate Number of Spots

First and foremost, you must include the appropriate number of accessible parking spaces in your parking lot. Generally, there is a chart as per ADA requirements that tells you how many accessible parking spots your lot must have based on the total number of parking spots available altogether in your lot. For example, if your lot is very small and only has one to 25 spots, you only need one accessible space. On the other hand, if your parking lot is large and has 500 spots, there must be nine accessible spots.

Have the Right Size for Spots

Accessible parking spots must be slightly larger than those that are not designed for accessibility. These spaces are required to be at least 90 inches wide for regular vehicles. Because there are also vans meant to carry individuals in wheelchairs, there must also be parking spots that are accessible for those larger vehicles that are at least 96 inches wide.

Put Spots in Appropriate Location

As per the ADA, accessible parking spots should always be placed in the appropriate location in parking lots. They should be located as close to the accessible entrance into the building as possible to accommodate the individual with the shortest route into the entrance.

Set Out the Appropriate Signs for Spots

After you know the appropriate minimum number of accessible parking spots you need in your parking lot, as per ADA compliance, you must have signs designating the spaces. The signs must read “Reserved Parking” and include the blue wheelchair symbol. You should also have blue lines that clearly outline each parking spot and may even have the wheelchair symbol painted in the middle of the space on the ground.

Check State and City Regulations

All states and even cities may have slightly different requirements regarding ADA compliant parking lots and parking spaces within. Additionally, the rules within the law constantly change. As a result, it’s important to continuously check these rules and regulations to make sure your parking lot is current with accessibility requirements. You may be surprised as your lot may not meet the law or, in some cases, may even exceed the legal requirements.

These five tips can help ensure that your parking lot is in compliance with the ADA. Your customers will appreciate the accommodations.